Personal portfolio and information.


My name is Theodore Ajax Dobyns but I just go by Ted. Also yes my middle name is in fact Ajax. I’m a game programmer in the San Francisco Bay Area which means I get to use fancy titles like “Software Engineer”.

I enjoy all aspects of game programming; from low-level data-oriented systems where every cycle matters up to high level abstract game design land. I’ve worked for a few companies ranging from social/mobile (blargh) to hardcore VR MMO work and everything inbetween.

If you’re a recruiter and want recruiter type information it’s available on my resume. Additionally there’s my LinkedIn which is the easiest way to contact me about job related things.

If you’re otherwise just interested in what kind of work I do in my spare time you can look at my projects page where I highlight some of my select personal projects. More of my work is available on my github but that’s a little less organized.

I may also theoretically post bloggy type things sometimes over on the posts page but give how agonizing just putting this about page together was I doubt I’ll ever post anything really meaningful over there.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff!