Personal portfolio and information.

Personal Projects

Here are some of my personal projects that I’ve decided to highlight. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of personal projects but just ones that demo well or are otherwise good to look at on the internet. For a more complete list of projects my github is a good starting point.

Note: Putting this page together is time consuming and tedious so I’ll add projects to this page fairly slowly.

Nuclear Blimp - BaconGameJam09 Game


TempFlux - HTML5 Shooter

I made this shooter game over the course of a week or so using TypeScript and WebGL. It’s not complete (for example you can’t die) but I mainly built it as an experiment in using effects to make a simple game “feel” better (Relevant Vlambeer Talk).

Play Here!

Simple Canvas Game

On my old portfolio site I thought it would be “cool” if there was a small game to play in the sidebar. It was interesting building something intended to be played in such a small area of the screen.


A* Visualizer