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Name: Theodore Ajax Dobyns
Email: [email protected]


I’m a programmer and game designer. Sometimes I like working on low level high performance code and sometimes I like working at a high level code that just makes a game work. I am primarily interested in “traditional” PC/console gaming and virtual reality.

Huh that’s weird, who puts their resume in a markdown file?

This is a reasonable question. I don’t like resumes very much and I definitely don’t enjoy the process of making them. A resume should simply be a list of accomplishments and qualifications collected and organized neatly and Markdown with its ability to easily make bulleted lists of text fits the bill nicely.

But wait this is in a .pdf! You’re a big fat PHONY!

Many services that accept resumes and pass them on have a limited list of extensions that they’ll accept because apparently we still haven’t moved on from that convention; so yes it’s exported to a pdf.

Work Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer - Linden Lab, 72016 - Present
    • Continuing work on next gen, user generated content focused, VR, MMO after a brief hiatus to try some work at a startup.
  • Gameplay & Prototyping Engineer - ToyTalk/Pullstring Inc., 112015 - 72016
    • Several game demos to pitch to investors/publishers pulling in assets from multiple art disciplines.
    • Experimental gameplay mechanics in Unity exploring possible use of conversation as a game mechanic.
    • Framework for rapidly iterating on ideas while maintaining some code sanity.
    • Collaboration with writers to create narrative that informs gameplay and vice versa.
  • Software Engineer - Linden Lab, 08/2014 - 102015
    • Custom next generation MMO game engine with focus on supporting user generated content in VR.
    • Foundational structures for efficient operations on potentially large and unwieldy user generated content.
    • High performance code with heavy emphasis on data-oriented design and cache locality.
    • Abstractions for dealing with wide range of input devices across wide platform spectrum from mobile to VR.
  • Game Developer - Quark Games, 05/2014 - 08/2014
    • External library that controlled all game logic. Could be consumed by the client (Unity3D) or the server (Elixir shenanigans creating Mono instances).
    • Two social/mobile clash of clans clones barf.
  • Software Engineer - Hammer & Chisel, 04/2013 - 04/2014
    • Fates Forever a MOBA for iPad built in Unity3D.
    • Systems to support wide range of abilities and character traits.
    • Character systems built most of the characters and their abilities in the game.
    • All in-game UI.
  • Software Engineer - Gree Intl. Inc., 07/2012 - 04/2013
    • Jackpot Slots for iOS.
    • Social/mobile hell. Please never make me work on this crap again.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant - University of North Carolina at Charlotte 06/2010-122011
    • Data visualization tools for coastal LIDAR data allowing for temporal analysis of coastal erosion.
    • Pipelines for processing large amounts of data for use in real time applications.

Shipped Titles

  • Software Engineer - Fates Forever, iOS, 2014 Hammer & Chisel
  • Software Engineer - Jackpot Slots, iOS, 2013 Gree Intl. Inc.
  • Programmer, Designer, Producer, Artist - XNcAve, XBL Indie Store, 2009 Independent

Technical skills

Languages: C++, C#, C, Lua, Shaders (GLSL/HLSL), Typescript/Javascript, Objective-C, Java, Python, Go, PowerShell, bash Engines/Frameworks: Unity3D, LOVE2D, UE4, XNA/MonoGame Tools: Visual Studio, Sublime Text, coreutils (Unix land), vim, revision control (git, p4, hg, svn)
Non-programming related: Linear Algebra (3D Math), Physics (Classical Mechanics), Game Design, Game Feel


University of North Carolina at Charlotte - B.S. Computer Science, 2008-2012